Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thoughts on movies???

I do get excited whenever I see that I book I read has been made into a movie. I was just telling Rob last night that I was wondering if "Water for Elephants" is available on DVD yet since I just finished that one, and he kindly replied: "Why do you keep watching the movies of the books you've read? You just get all angry and disappointed and annoying!" Touché Rob, but I do just need to see them for myself anyways...who's with me?

Of course the movies are rarely better than the books, they usually take their own liberties and they sometimes even change the plot; but none has been worse most recently than a movie I watched on holiday two weeks ago: "My Sister's Keeper." I mean really, are you kidding me? I read this book years ago and kept meaning to rent the movie, so I was stoked when I had some free time to watch it on my own, with a box of kleenex (just like I needed when reading it!) But the ending (spoiler alert) had me so ticked off, that I just couldn't even cry - that is a serious deal, changing which sister actually dies...the whole point was that she was able to donate her organs in the end and save her sisters life anyways, not that the sister with cancer dies, as one would have predicted, and the other sister feels shitty about it. I was so angry I was throwing couch cushions at the tv!!!

LOL - oops, that was quite the rant! Anyways, all that being said, I am actually still looking forward to seeing the latest "Jane Eyre" movie re-make, "Water for Elephants" (although I have trouble picturing Reese Witherspoon in it) and "Sarah's Key" which is out in theatres now.

I'll keep you posted as always! xoxo RFab

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