Monday, October 17, 2011


So I'm sitting in a waiting room with my Kobo and our latest pick:
"The Fates Will Find Their Way" and I'm still playing on my iPhone and
reading magazines around me...

This is not a good sign (especially considering that I brought this
suggestion to BFab!) I just cannot get into this book ladies :( Is
anyone else with me? I mean, I do like going into the minds of the
young boys and remembering what it was like at their age, but I'm
getting easily confused trying to follow along and find that I'm not
really interested in what happened afterall!

I am only half way through the book and have had plenty of
opportunities to finish, so when Nat D sent her reminder email this
morning I realized how far behind I am! I am so looking forward to
hearing what everybody else thinks.

See you next Tuesday at our Newly-Engaged Bfaber Nat D's house!!!

xoxo RFab

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