Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love her or hate her?

Well....I love her, but I know at least one of our little club members that can't stand her! So ignoring this friend, I am excited to write that I saw Lauren Conrad on Rachel Ray after work a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to write every since. She's got another book coming out called "Sugar & Spice" and was promoting her "Style" book as well. Has anyone in our club read any of her novels yet? (L.A. Candy or Sweet Little Lies)? I am ashamed and surprised that I haven't, but am ordering them online as I write this!!!

She's so cute and has amazing style (in my opinion of course - I'm excited to check out her line at Kohl's when I head to the States for Christmas. How cute is her little boyfriend blazer?)...But I really can't wait to hear back from those that disagree...I can take you on! hahaha

Night night,


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