Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh baby!

So I'm supposed to be writing my student's progress reports right now...but what that really means anything else!!! This is the time of year when the house ends up super tidy, clean and organized! So, to further my procrastination efforts, I thought I would share the names of my fave baby naming books since we now have a beautiful preggo in our BFAB club.

The first book "A is for Atticus" was introduced to me by Katie O (again...and yes she's got her Masters in English!) and this book is amazing because it contains baby name ideas from the great literature of our time: from Shakespeare to Lucy Maud Montgomery. So if you have a connection to a particular story or character, their details are in there, and there are so many great books that we forget that we have read that we are reminded of in reading this one. No, I'm not preggers too, I'm just obsessed with names I guess!

The second I happened to check out at Chapters because the title made me laugh. It's called "Beyond Ava and Aiden". Being a elementary school teacher, I really get a sense of what the name trends are and I have had an Ava, Ella, Abby, Isabel, Aiden, Jackson, Nathan and William in almost every class for the past 5 years!

I like sensible names, but getting out of the top twenty list is my recommendation! So, feel free to pass these titles on to your expecting girlfriends.



  1. Yes I agree that venturing out of the top 20 is a must. Has anyone read Freakonomics?? There is a whole section that discusses how names come in and out of vogue, primarily a function of socioeconomic status. It is quite interesting!

  2. Oh ya...I heard that! Can you bring it next time I see you, I'm curious.