Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extremely loud and a little hard to get into?

Yes, it is 4:24 am and I have completely given up on getting any sleep at night until my little monkey arrives. What would make the night pass much faster is if I couldn't put down our latest book club selection "Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud." But alas...I can put it down and I'm bored!

Sure, at first I thought, this is a funny read - I love how the boys mind wanders and the thoughts he has are hilarious. Come on, who doesn't love a quote like "Succotash my Balzac dipshiitake." But now, as I'm already over 30% invested, I find myself scanning over pages filed with ultra-long descriptions that don't really interest me anymore. I am a little lost at times as to who we are following and their relationship, and I'm not sure I care all that much either.

Just wondering what everyone is thinking about this one? I hope someone can get me excited again, or at least tell me to go on and that it will get better?

Sweet dreams,

xoxo RFab

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