Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Bee

Ok, so I have to admit that I have finally started reading our book club selection this week...and at first, I was doubting our choice. Personally, I like to be drawn in from the very very beginning, but here I was thinking I wouldn't be able to handle reading a whole book written in the voice of Little Bee and the girls she lived with at the Immigration Removal Centre - it just kind of annoyed me I guess. And then the on-going Batman costume talk and all the teasers indicating that something sad happened, but that we would find out later (I mean, how many times do you need to write that?)!!!

Anyway, for some reason, I was just unable to put it down last night and am finally getting into it! I wasn't so sure about the love between Sarah and Andrew at first, then the romantic honeymoon story about not noticing the colour of the sea drew me in a little. I have a feeling that once we finally learn of the incident that occured on the beach, we may become more engaged with them as a couple.

I am also beginning to notice just how much depth there is to Little Bee, so much wisdom in her young mind. Me go to Queens U and me not so wise! I am not far enough into the novel to know just what the horror is yet (maybe we don't find out until the end since the author just loves teasing), but both women sound like incredible survivors.

I'm really looking forward to talking this one out with the ladies next month...

Here are some favourite quotes of mine, thus far:

"a scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived." (9)

"No, not Jesus. Mummy." (29)

"...my Andrew, dead? It still seemed physically impossible. At one point he had covered more than seven tenths of the earth's surface." (39)

"when I say that I am a refugee, you must understand that there is no refuge." (46)

Let me know what yours are, without spoilers of course! Give me a few more days to finish!

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