Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures help!

BIG NEWS!!! Guess who I caught reading for the first time in 12 years...Rob! Seriously, he never reads (Maxim, Fishing Ontario and the Ikea Catalogue do not count!) So now, of course, I have to fill you in on what he had in his hands. The book is a Canadian History collection "The Museum called Canada: 25 Rooms of Wonder" by Charlotte Gray, dubbed as "the ultimate guide to Canada's rich material culture." What he loves about this book is that there are many different stories and facts accompanied by pictures and timelines - I am so excited for him. I feel so close to my ultimate fantasy...spending lazy afternoons ready TOGETHER!!! hahaha...ok ok, it's one book. But you know, it really only takes one to peek your interest. You all know I am heading to the history section of Chapters tomorrow!

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