Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long Weekend Fun...

Hey B-FABers...our last hoorah to summer is this weekend, so I hope you're all setting aside some time to have lazy afternoons reading and lazier evenings drinking!!! What I wouldn't give to have no plans and plunk myself in a hammock or adirondack nice. Instead, we'll be driving 9 hours to attend a wedding - what are the chances that Rob lets me read quietly in the car while he drives with one good arm?

In two weeks, I'll start posting some questions to get us thinking about our selection. I have to admit that I still haven't started "Little Bee," but am almost on the third and final Hunger Games book...damn! Why did I start this series? One of you out there better join me in this new addiction so that we can discuss!

Anyway, I fear searching for questions regarding our selected book in case they spoil it for me. So if I work hard enough, I'll finish the series this weekend and be ready to start L B next week.

Sending warm wishes for a safe journey to our ladies in Bali!


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