Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Re-cap and Dip Recipe

So nice to see your post Erinn - can't wait to hear your thoughts on Year of the Flood...I loved it too (when I got into it - it took a little while, but then I was hooked!)

Last night's BFAB was so fun and delicious! Consensus was that everyone loved it. Here are some major points for Nat D who missed out:

* The only time most liked or felt anything for Somer's character was at the beginning of the novel where she struggled to conceive and seemed to really want to be a mother.

* We felt the story fall a little flat in terms of the mother/daughter bond between Somer and Asha - she grows so fast in the story that you don't get the chance to feel a connection there.

* Everyone loved Dadima (but felt awful for Somer when she put a left-over hamburger in Dadima's strightly vegetarian fridge and caused her to throw out everything and want to toss her dishes as well).

* Lots of interesting cultural differences - We will never look at dull, western mashed potatoes the same again (but we'll still eat them!)

* Kavita and Jasu's son's name is pronounced VI-jay and not Vjay...and Somer went for a biopsy, not an autopsy!!! (We learn something new everyday)

* Not many liked Jasu, could not get over what he had done to their first-born daughter

So we are set to read our final selection for next months club called "The sweetness at the bottom of the pie."

We talked about perhaps doing some non-fiction in our next selections (Some ideas were: Infidel (a.k.a "hmmmmm") and another about a polygamist wife who escaped with her children...need the title on that one Erinn.

Thanks again to hostess Nat B who took it to a new level with her dishes and wine - and to Amy for her sweet apple dip!

Here's the Apple Caramel Dip Recipe that Amy made (I found courtesy of Ottawa blogger Janet: )

1 pkg (8oz) cream cheese
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 container caramel (usually found in the produce section)
1 pkg skor bits
Granny Smith apples, sliced

1. Beat the cream cheese with brown sugar until smooth. Spread thinly onto large serving plate.

2. Heat the caramel slightly (about 15 second in microwave) to make spreadable. Spread on top of cream cheese.

3. Sprinkle the package of Skor bits all over the top. Serve with sliced Granny Smith apples for dipping.

Cheers, R-FAB xoxo

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