Friday, November 26, 2010

Hooray...Hunger Games Trailer

Ohhhh....I am so excited to take a little break from our club's latest choice of novel to bring you a trailer for the Hunger Games movie!!! Hooray - I know I got Nat B and Erinn to read the trilogy, but has anyone else in our group read them? They are quite the addictive little things, hard to put down once you start. Very easy to read too (being written for teens and all) I can't seem to find an actual trailer from the studio, but click here for some awesome fan-made ones that will leave you wanting more...

Looks like it's got Robert Downey Jr. cast, which is always a treat. Downside, I may have seen Hayden Panettiere in there too (hopefully whomever she plays doesn't survive the games!!...Too harsh?) excited! A great way to end the week :) Enjoy B-Fabers xoxo

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