Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top Ten Friends

Hello ladies,

I just found out that I have a kindred friend at work who also has a "Book Blog"... in fact, much more professional with daily updates and actual followers....but who's counting anyway?!! Her latest post on her blog "Feeling a Little Bookish" lists her Top Ten Characters that she would like to be friends with and is a super cute read (she even chose Flavia De Luce from our latest, and most fave book!) Check it out here AND I CHALLENGE YOU to make your own list to either post to us here or bring to our next BFAB on Tuesday.

Happy list-making!


p.s. We all know that Nat B wishes she could be friends with the entire tribe of girls in Africa "Weh!" from Little Bee!!! hahaha


  1. Aww.. I got a shout out. Thanks Renee... Just to clarify.. i definitely don't update daily :)

  2. Oops!! hee still have way more content and some really great posts - we read a lot of the same stuff so I'll keep you posted with our book clubs next selections so you can hopefully add them to your list and get a tonne of reading done before New Years! I love the goal! ;)

  3. Hey Ren--where's your list?? Maybe you want to do a top 100 friends?