Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 1st date's been set

Alright ladies...looks like we're meeting at Erinn's on Monday night at 7:30. So now's the time to get those lists in order - what have you been wanting to read, what have others suggested to you - don't be shy, you've seen how my taste in books can be questionable at times! Nothing will be off limits (mocked perhaps, but not disregarded)

Katie sends us this list from Hamilton: (Thanks KT O!)

1. Into the Wild: Jon Kraukauer

2. One Day: David Nicholls

3. Lolita: Nabokov

4. Cat's Eye: Margaret Atwood

5. *****The Happiness Project - SOOO GOOD!

By that last comment, I'm going to assume that she had read all of these. Note to Ottawa B-FABers, your lists have to be of books you've never read (or you're out!) Too harsh?

Can't wait to see what you're all in the mood for for our first month...especially since three of you will be reading in Bali while the rest of us closet read at work.


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