Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What if???

I finally uploaded pictures from my camera and thought I better share this one as it goes down as one of my favourite days of the summer. Rob and I explored a provincial park we had never been to before (Voyageur Provincial Park) for the weekend and ended up with a site on the water. It was a rocky/pebbly bottom but just the right depth for us to stick our camping chairs (and side table...I know, sooo luxurious) right in. I spent hours in there reading and didn't even notice each time Rob left to fill up our drink cups!

So, what had me so engrossed...only that book I mentioned earlier - The Pretend Wife. Borrowed from my girlfriend in Hamilton, how could I not pick up a book that asks: "What would life be like with the one who got away?" What if, what if, what if? One of the most dangerous word combinations in our language I think. Anyway, it's not a must-read but was perfect for a camping weekend, and easy enough to put down for a game or two of cribbage!

Mmmmmm the word cribbage looks a lot like cabbage which is making me hungry...gotta go!



  1. As soon as I saw cribbage, I thought of cabbage too! Great minds, right?! So, this may be a silly suggestion, but I am just starting to read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" and it's pretty amazing - not in terms of literary content, but in terms of a dreamy character/vampire named Diego. Makes me think 'Edward who?!'. Just a thought!

    PS. In the movie "Letters to Juliet" a pretty compelling "What If..." speech is read. It's a must see!

  2. Ha ha ha! It was totally dinner time when I posted that one! I actually started reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tranner" online when she was offering it free of charge on her website before it's release date, but haven't picked up a copy to finish I'm excited (to borrow it from you of course)!

    I will eventually see that movie, but you know how me and that Amanda Seyfried aren't so compatible. I could be persuaded if Channing Tatum's in that one too?

    Thanks for becoming a follower - FUNTIMES!