Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's your reading style?

Good evening B FABers!

I know it is ridiculously late for a Tuesday night, but I just came in from a fantastic night out with some old girlfriends and past colleagues of mine that I just don't get to see often enough...we were literally told that the restaurant was closing and we had to go home! I just don't know how it happened (NOT!), but at the fourth hour of our sit-in, the topic of conversation turned to books and what we have been reading lately and I couldn't believe just how many I have devoured since June: 8!! (Year of the Flood, Can you keep a secret?, Angels and Demons, My Sister's Keeper, Cum Laude, Digital Fortress, The Constant Princess and The Pretend Wife) - Can you really tell that I have the summer off or what? Anyway, we were having so much fun one-upping each other listing off our latest reads and discovered that everyone has read the same one in the past year (In this case it was A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini). I love the way that books can bring people together like this: it is fascinating to see which parts or characters stand out to one person versus another and what the story meant for them. How can one story illicit so many responses and such strong opinions or emotions? I love it!

To keep it enjoyable and interesting, my own reading style has always been heavy, light, heavy, light. I enjoy a little Sophie Kinsella or Maeve Binchy mixed in between my Wally Lamb and Margaret Atwood sandwich. I just finished The Pretend Wife last night and picked up The Constant Gardener this morning...so you can see that I am no literature snob and am willing to give almost everything a chance! What's your reading style? Do you gravitate towards a certain genre, author or story?

Let's talk more tomorrow - I am starting to ramble and could write until the sun comes up...must go to book...I mean bed...

Night night

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