Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All my friends are dead...

I hope the pictures work! So after a long weekend spent tiling a 4x6
shower in the basement, I was super excited to get a thick package in
the mail from one of my BFFs in Hamilton. She's always finding gems
and sending them my way - who does that anymore? And why doesn't
everyone?...Getting mail, even before you know what's in it, is the
funnest and most underrated surprise of life!!!

Anyway, I open it up to find this book:


  1. Oops! The rest of my comment went missing...anyway, I just mentioned how much this book will make you laugh, and want to cry, but that it's worth the emotional turmoil!!! Check the book out for yourself at www.nomorefriends.net

    The pictures really make it better...Rob particularly loved the lumberjack at the end (I wonder why?!!!)

    Enjoy - still learning to blog from my iPhone, sorry Bfabers!!! xoxo

  2. So will you read this to your kids in class? Cute book!