Monday, March 21, 2011

All the time in the world...

I have started the selection for next months bookclub. I picked up a Christopher Pike trilogy a few weeks ago. It has 3 novels, Remember Me, The Return and The Last Story. The trilogy centres around the life/afterlife of main character Shari Cooper. Does anyone remember reading this one?

I did a little bit of research about our dear friend Christopher Pike, but there was not much to be found because he is a very private person and has done only a few rare interviews. Christopher Pike is actually a pseudonym for Kevin Christopher McFadden. Also weirdly, although I couldn't find an explanation for this, most of his books have a character named Ann.

If interested you can join the Christopher Pike Fan Club lol!!

Have others picked a book yet??

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  1. Sweet! Did you join the fanclub? I'm going to the used bookstore in BC tonight to see what I can excited! Will keep you posted :)