Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh there anything you can't do?...

So Kobo's tagline reads: "eReading: anytime. anyplace." After receiving one as a gift for my birthday before Christmas, I couldn't agree more. I was travelling alot and was able to ready a ton of books at the airport, on the plane, in the back of the car, around the pool - basically it came almost everywhere I went on holidays. Now back to reality at home and the need for hot, relaxing baths (frequently) has set in and I'm left searching for paperback books that I haven't finished or started reading yet, when I have perfectly great books waiting for me on my Kobo. Don't get me wrong - I am no tech snob and love paperback books, but I have bought new books online for the eReader that I WANT to read. So anytime. anyplace. I think not! Here is my short list of places that you cannot bring your eReader:

* bathtub
* hottub
* a nordique spa
* a sauna or steam room
* within 6 feet of a children's pool
* outside on a super hot tanning day, or muggy, rainy day
* within three feet of a good campfire

That was my little rant about that! Second annoying thing is that Rob (who has maybe finished reading two books in the 13 years we've been together) is falling for the classics that come free with the Kobo and we are now fighting over who reads it in my bed at night! He's already 49% into "The Call of the Wild," 55% into "The Works of Edgar Allan Poe" and 37% into "The Art of War." I am so torn between really wanting to encourage this new love of reading and wanting to read my saved books as well!!!

We all know that as soon as I were to buy him one, it would sit there collecting dust anyway - I bet he's just scrolling through the pages to annoy me?!!! LOL!

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