Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flavia's Back!

Lol - check out the heading from the Books section of this mornings Ottawa Citizen: "Unsinkable, endearing Flavia: Precocious child detective charms readers once again." I thought of our club and how most of us had so much trouble getting into the book and into her character (some of us, who shall remain nameless, didn't even finish the book - tsk, tsk). After reading the book "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie," I can see why readers would be drawn to her charm - she appears far smarter than most 11 year olds and she knows it. She speaks quite like an adult, yet she has childish tendencies as well, such as being subject to surprise or driven to frustrated tears.

In the latest adventure by Alan Bradley "A Red Herring without Mustard," Flavia, her sisters and father still reside at Buckshaw manor, but a fortune-telling gypsy becomes the latest victim with mysterious surroundings.

It actually sounds intriguing enough, but I think I will have to put it on my summer reading list for now! (I can guarantee it won't get voted into our book club list!!!)

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