Sunday, March 27, 2011

See you later...

Ok, even though I read this book in a day, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with it. I remember reading Christopher Pike books in my early teens and wanting to be a part of them (ie: the cool and pretty girl at the outrageous parties of course!!!)...but this particular story really had none of that.

See You Later is set in modern times (in the 90's) and holds a little mystery, but without giving anything away to those who haven't finished reading it, I found myself not really caring what the long explanation was...I wasn't feeling the connection between the nerdy, yet handsome computer programmer, and his crush Becky!

Where this book did not disappoint, however, was with the incredible descriptive writing throughout: (some examples I loved)

"...I walked behind her. She wore bright yellow pants and a short-sleeved shirt to match. For a few seconds, I imagined what she'd look like in a bikini....I wasn't getting a crush or anything. It must have been the heat." (p3)
- Ahhhh yes, yellow pants....soooo sexy!!! And a bikini? Risque language, wouldn't you say?!!!

"Becky stayed late at my place, though not the entire night.WE didn't talk much. WE didn't have sex. We just lay beside each other on my bed and rested, listening to each others heartbeats." (p88)
- Every great date ends with spooning and listening to heartbeats in high school right? Well, to be fair, these two kids had just graduated, so they were more mature...infact, mature enough to even "think" about s-e-x...

I'm looking forward to trying another Christopher Pike, perhaps Remember Me, and am hoping this one's story is a little more interesting?! Looking forward to hearing everyone else thoughts at Book Club or here!

On a positive note, I am so glad I found these gems for a dollar at the Book Market!

R Fab xoxo

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