Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sorry for the wait!

Wow...two months of hiatus - brutal. Sorry about that BFabers! I have so much to share and have been writing notes in my bedside table, just never getting around to plugging them in on-line. Time has flown by since Christmas, I can't believe we're already in March - yikes!

So I finished "Mindless Eating" which was recommended to me by follow blogger Erinn and absolutely loved it. It's a really fast and interesting read that forces you to think about your surroundings and emotions when eating and to put yourself in check. If you don't care about that stuff though, it's still a great book because it makes you laugh. "Mindless Eating" explores the studies of Dr. Brian Wansink (Ph. D.) who is also the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab as well as Professor of Marketing and Nutritional Science at Cornell University. He and his team have performed countless studies involving food consumption that will have you laughing and sometimes crying (thinking, I have been fooled like this before too!) If nothing else, it gives you really intersting facts to bring up at dinner parties around the table!!! Enjoy!

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