Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dabble Magazine Launched

Kimberly Seldon (of HDTV's Design for Living) is the editor of a new on-line magazine for anything stylish in design, travel and food called Dabble. It just launched online on Monday and was featured in today's Ottawa Citizen, so I thought I would share it!

It has the usual make-you-envious pictures of wealthy people's stately homes, extravagant vacations and exquisite menus, but offers budget friendly options as well. We know we want to see what we can't afford anyway and live vicariously through the pages, right?!!

Check out the editorial in the First Issue (March-April 2011) on Diane von Furstenberg - I was actually looking behind her in the picture at her gorgeous bookcase/shelf with the ladder. Reminiscent of the bookshop and library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, I have always wanted one of those!!! I was also personally thrilled with the "How to choose tile" article as Rob and I are stuck on that final element of our basement bathroom. The tips were super helpful.

Things to take note of: the shopping event called Designer Market, held in Toronto's Distillery District in April and May (page 18), the oh-so-sweet pink flower cushions for your couch (page 92), the name of lunch hot-spot in Nashville "I dream of wienies!" (page 97), the gorgeous shots of Prague (starting on page 121) and finally the recipe for Bikini Muffins (page 177).

The beauty of online magazines is that they can pack in so much without the cost of printing 200 glossy coloured pages. I'm keeping it on my radar to check out bi-monthly!


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